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im lame [17 Aug 2007|12:45pm]
so this is the first time i have been on here in like 2 years, and looking back at my few entries from 2005 i have realized that i was really lame. my last entry was very melodramatic and im sure my parents werent even that bad. i mean im sure at times they were lame in the ways they raised me, but what parent lets their child do whatever they want anyways. so pretty much my point is, i've now realized that a few years ago i was very stupid and acted pretty spoiled and shit. and this is probably another lame entry and i probably wont enter another for a while because theres nothing too interesting about life in pensacola.
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parents are lammmeee [30 Sep 2005|04:19pm]
[ mood | death to the parents ]

my parents def. won the award to day for "lamest most racist/prejudice parents ever". you know what they did...i asked if i could go over to one of my friends house and my parents said no and i never can go stay the night at this friends house b/c this persons parents have a different "lifestyle" than us. they are so lame...do they seriously want me to only hang out with middle class white people...i guess if i cant hang out with people with different lifestyles that counts off all the rich people i know and all the people that dont think the same politically as my parents...my parents said thats not anything like how this is but honestly i dont think its any different...and my parents wonder all the time why i hate them so much and why i dont understand what they mean i guess its because im just not a racist person like them...whcih is most definately a good thing. so yeah after they told me i couldnt go b/c of that i yelled at them telling them they were racist and ran off....even though thats not racism really but i can name many other examples of them being racist so i dont care. and now im grounded for tonight for calling them racist which i dont see why i should be grounded b/c they are the ones that told me not to lie so i tell it like i see it. my parents really suck....and if they dont get me a car in 5 months...i think i will honestly die b/c ill be cooped up in this racist house alll the time...only 3 more years till im gone...it will most likely seem like way longer than 3 years though if things keep goin the same as they are now. and from now on im not referring to them as "my" parents b/c i wish they werent they will just me "the" parents. yeah...i think ive done enough venting now.

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pirate day... [22 Sep 2005|09:17am]
[ mood | wooooo ]

pirate day was so great at school today....my little get up was funnn...even though charles definatelyy copied me but its all good b/c we definately owned. i think im gonna start dressin like a pirate more often...as in just wear my hair like i wore it today b/c i likkeedd it. it was fun. and the o.c came on tonight woo that show is crrazy.....nothing more to say...

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wednesdays are LOST days..... [21 Sep 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | today is a LOST day ]

THE SECOND SEASON OF LOST CAME ON TODAY! today was definately an exciting day because of that. it was such a suspensful episode too...now im going to be dying until next week because i cant wait to see what happens. this week is just such a great week. lost came on today and tomorrow is......PIRATE DAY!!! so i get to wear my awesomely cool pirate outfit that i conjured up myself hah. im very excited to wear it to school tomorrow...even though a lotta people will probably make fun of me for getting so into it but i dont care because it is awesommmmeee!....and tomorrow the o.c comes on, and that is a good thing too...not as good as lost but still good. well that would be all i have to say for today.

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...a word of advice [19 Sep 2005|07:35am]
[ mood | tired from golf... ]

to anyone who would ever think of joining your high school gold team, no matter how much you lovvee playing golf with your parents or friends or whatever riding around in that nice cart....dont ever join the school team. we have to walk freeking 9 holes twice a week in the blazing sun, and you kinda lose interest in golf. that is why i decided to not join the whs golf team for my third year next year, and because i need to train for tennis all year around.

well anyways the rest of my day was pretty good for the most part. school was...well school was just school, you know how that is. now im finally home so i can relax and do whatever.

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like a rolling stone...... [18 Sep 2005|08:07am]
[ mood | content ]

today was probably the most boring day i have ever had.
my parents didnt even wake me up to tell me they were
going to raquet club, even though they know that i wouldve wanted to go play tennis, so i woke up extreme late and felt all lazy. i hate waking up as late as i did today...i woke up at like 12 and whenever i wake up that late i just feel like i wasted the whole day, which definately sucks.
so anyways i was home alone bored alll day. i pretty much just sat around trying to figure out something too do. i got nothing at all acomplished today...well i did finally find the blank cd's, that somehow always disappear, so i finally got to burn the bedouin sound clash cd onto a cd so that i could put it on my ipod. i think they are my new favorite band, they are this really cool like reggaeish kind of band...theyre great. i tried to do my stupid chemistry homework but of course that didnt work out because the freeking question answers arent even in the book....whyyyy does mclendon give us such hard things that are imposibble to find the answers to, i mean arent you supposed to be able to find the correct answers to stuff so that you will know the info for the test...i def. think someone needs to clue her into that.

tomorrow is a school day, unfortuanately. definately not looking forward to that. i guess it doesnt help that i hate my school so much. i wish i could go to gulf breeze b/c thats were my two bester friends go. i think i would definately like it there alot better than stupid whs. oh well i cant change anything about where i go though...ive been trying to for like over three years ago, as sad as that is. only two more weeks until fall break break though...that will be a nice change of pace to have a nice long week off of school...

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i finally got a livejournal [17 Sep 2005|09:09pm]
[ mood | boredd ]

so i finally got a livejournal...
i've been wanting one for a while now
hmm i dont really know what i should
write in this so i guess ill just
write what i did this weekend so far lol

i went to tennis on friday...it was
really fun but tiring. i went to
see the play hello dolly with meagan,
it was pretty boring. we went and
saw dr. awkward and angular gyrus play
at sluggos. it was an aweosme show. they
are both really amazing bands. i wish
i could go see all thier shows, but of course
i wont get to see a lot of them because my
lame mom doesn't let me go to half the places
they play at...i only got to go last night
because i didnt tell my mom that after i
went to the play with meagan we were
going to sluggos...thats something that she
doesnt need to know though so its all good.
i finally got to go see meagan's new house,
we hadnt hung out in forever so it was
a lot of fun...anddd i got to be the first
one to see her new short haircut. she thinks
it looks bad but it actually looks good.

after i got home today it sucked because there
was nothing to do because i couldn't go anywhere,
i had to stay home with my brother which is also
why i am so bored tonight....i could've gone and
ate at sidelines and gone put put with patra but
nooo my 7th grader brother just cant stay home
by himself at night says my psychotic mother.
homecoming was tonight too but of course i wasnt
going to that...i dont enjoy dancing to the kind
of music they would be playing there and besides
i wasnt about to pay 20$ just to go have a lame
time, even though all my friends that were
going were hassling me asking me how i could just
not go to homecoming. but to me homecoming is no
big deal at all. pretty lame if you ask me...

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